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Sunday April 17.

Now, when I am heading home from the culinary paradise Living Light, I have to share one thing with you. I came here very well updated and I work with a lot of raw people that are always a step ahead with all the new things when it comes to raw material. So coming back to the school again, 6 years after my graduation, and joining a class, I honestly did not know what to expect. And I have to say: I am soooo amazed how well updated they are at the school. They have their “heels” where most of us have our “toes” when talking about raw materials in raw food. I enjoyed every minute of my stay, and I learned more than I could ever imagine.

 My return to the school was a 50 years birthday gift from friends and family and it was the best gift ever! I’m going home with my head filled with sooo many new ideas. And with some of them I could not wait and already tried out at the Living Light Inn kitchen where I stayed. To all you graduated students: I really encourage you to come back and update your knowledge and get new inspiration. It is every minute and penny’s worth. I am so grateful!  Thank you Cherie, you are the best. Martine and Vinnette, you take teaching to a new level, helping us to take our ideas out of our heads and plate them beautifully on the dish spiced with LOVE. And the biggest bonus is:  lots and lots of new lifelong friends. To all the staff and kitchen angels: TAKK¨*•.¸¸☼ (means “thank you” in Icelandic).


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Today is  graduation day and it is such a special day. Although I’m looking forward to going home to see my family and friends, I’m finding it hard to say goodbye to all of my new Living Light family. Most of the students are feeling emotional in a beautiful way. We are all going home with our heads filled with new ideas and we’re excited to try the many new things we’ve learned. At the same time we’re grateful for the memories we’ll keep in our hearts forever, and we all feel just a little bit sad to be separating from new found friends. Graduation is a beautiful and touching time for all of the students, and the graduation cake was THE BEST EVER¨*•.¸¸☼  It took us all to another dimension, and the recipe was all organic + RAW with a most important secret ingredient: lots and lots of LOVE!graduation cake

Yuka – from Japan – living in Australia

I heard about raw foods from one of my Yoga students. I’ve had an amazing time here at Living Light, and especially loved all of the hands on experience!

Ophelia – from Hong Kong

I was not raw or vegan before I came to Living Light but I decided to give myself this trip for my 48th birthday. I’ve loved this trip. It’s been the most memorable in my life and I will miss everyone so much.

Hristina – from Bulgaria

A very close friend of mine cured herself from leukemia about 2 years ago and told me that the miracle that helped her do it was eating raw food. This completely changed my life for good. I started making more raw food meals at home, using every opportunity to learn more from books, TV shows, and the internet. Living Light is the greatest experience I’ve had in my life. I just love everything here.

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Enchiladas con Chile Colorado

At Living Light, the students connect in a very beautiful and special way. Here you find like minded people on a similar track in life. I am from Iceland, and now, 6 years later, I still have contact with several of the students and teachers I met when I came here the first time. In them I’ve made lifelong friends. Some have been to visit me and we’ve taught classes together, and some are staying in touch on Facebook or by e-mail. All the rest have their place in my heart. One of the wonderful things about the Associate Chef course, is that we experience amazing international dishes with students from all over the world.

DolmasFirst dish is Enchiladas with Chili Colarado sauce, and the next are Greek Dolmas and Horiatiki….mmmm goodness from the raw food kitchen. We certainly enjoy sharing the wonderful good together, and repeat the Living Light “family prayer” before each meal.

Through this food and this family

We give ourselves strength to hold ourselves high

In the Light that surrounds us

And is within us

For this is the water

Of the Spring of Life!

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There are students from all over the world at the Living Light Associate Chef and Instructor Training.  That is a very good news for RAW food lovers around the world, because these students will take the knowledge and experience back to their homes and communities. It is so beautiful to see RAW culinary wisdom spread like a wave on a water all around the world.  THANK YOU Cherie for being such a great and inspiring pioneer for all of us¨*•.¸¸☼

I was curious to know more about our foreign friends. When did they first hear about RAW food? Where did they hear about Living Light, and what are they learning while here at school ?

Szymon from Poland Currently  living in Australia

I first heard about raw food when I was living in Cusco, Peru. A lifelong bowel problem was flaring up and causing bloating and intestinal pain, when a friend suggested a raw food diet. I had been traveling through Peru for almost nine months, learning from various ‘curanderos’ or healers, hoping to work with alternative medicine in the future. I had always had a feeling that food could be used as a medicine, so I was very happy to learn that this is what people around the world were doing. Since then, my life has been all about food, and now I am living every day more and more excited about working with good, sustainable food that can help heal our bodies and the body of our planet.

Andree from Belgium Andree Belgium

I heard about raw food 4 years ago in a search to find solutions for my kids’ food allergy problems. I heard about Living Light on the internet and wanted to learn to prepare raw food dishes that would appealing to my whole family. Being here has been an amazing experience. I have been delightfully  surprised by the professional approach here at Living Light.

Astrid from Chile

Astrid from Chile I heard about raw foods in Oregon. People in Eugene love organic produce and I learned about vegan, then fruitarian, and then the raw food diet from Pattie´s Pies at The Country Faire. After my first juice fast  I ate Pattie´s Raw Pies and I felt great. Then a friend died and his mother was looking for positive things for me to do and recommended Living Light.  I decided to give the raw food diet a try and what a better way to start than by coming to the best gourmet raw culinary institute in the world. The school is awesome, and people are very positive here. The staff is very friendly and I would love to work here someday.

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Jennifer Cornbleet

Wednesday April 6.

The day started with Living Light Chef Jennifer Cornbleet and her talk about marketing your classes and building  your client base.  I took the class in 2005 and thought it was good then. But 6 years later I realized how brilliant this talk is. This is absolutely wonderful and important information she is sharing, and to be very realistic, the truth is that it definitely works if you are willing to make the effort.

Zoom Burger

The students started to create their demos. They will be the chefs and raw food educators of the future, and the people who are going to carry the message and inspire people on the healthy path of raw cuisine and nutrition. The students were absolutely wonderful. I really was amazed. Then Cherie herself appeared.

cherie fruits of the mother

She is the First Lady of raw foods and¨she presented a perfect demo. While watching her, I realized why the students are doing so beautifully. They are getting a great and professional education and training while staying at the school, and that is provided with so much love and care. It is the perfect mixture to create the best results for each student.

The menu for lunch was:

Spinach Mushroom Quiche with salad & sprouts & Red Pepper Remoulade. This was way above my expectations and my taste buds made a trip straight to heaven…….:)* Speaking about the food, the evening menu was also delicious:  Zoomburgers with Hot Mustard, Cashew Mayo, Ketchup, Onion Rings, and Kale Coleslaw. All prepared by Living Light students, and totally the worth living for! I’m already looking forward to another day in this culinary Paradise.

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solla smileTuesday April 5
I arrived at Living Light Tuesday afternoon and I was sooooooo excited. I came from my home in Iceland as a student 6 years ago and nothing that I loved had changed. It is the same warm and welcoming atmosphere, but with a whole new group of lovely students from all over the world. I checked in at Living Light Inn, an amazing place for Living Light students to stay. I was impressed with the  atmosphere in the house. It was filled with excitement and new knowledge.

Living Light Inn

The students were doing their homework by preparing for the next day’s culinary demos, and finding educational information to share. I was already looking forward to joining them the next day, knowing that this would be a starting point for many of them on their wonderful and magical RAW Food journey. 

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